about us

about us

Ideas and goals of the company

The group management believes that customer satisfaction is a product of employee satisfaction and the production of a quality product is the secret of the success of every commercial production unit in the global markets.. ادامه مطلب

Background and foundation of the company

borna sanat Vision Company started its business with the aim of providing industrial and industrial services and access to international markets.
ادامه مطلب

Familiar with us

The top executives of this company, with the view that today’s global economy is reaching the level of international standards, is an ideal that can result from the activities of managers and the use of science and experience on the one hand and the collaboration between producers and pieces makers, strategic thinking and strategic action. This is done with the slogan “Creating a new business with a centralized approach” and to continuously improve the level of knowledge and technology of the members and meet the educational needs of the members in all fields related to the industry, especially the automotive industry, and to maintain and develop market share in creating the necessary fields. To introduce the capabilities and capabilities of the company to the industry Both the international and the international do not hesitate to make any effort..
One of the other goals of this company is to become the “International Industrial Trade Group”, which is working on this basis with the permanent representatives in the European and Asian industrial countries of this company.

Your trust is ours
  • The expansion of the focus on the production of components and assemblies whose domestic production has a competitive advantage and the promotion of production at a planned scale for active and effective presence in domestic and foreign markets and the move towards expanding the culture of merger and innovation with domestic companies and Foreign in the field of technology transfer and import of components and materials through research, development and sales sectors that reduce the cost of overhead production and reach specific regional and global markets.

    One of the strategic objectives of the group is to provide and manufacture the required components in accordance with the latest international standards and to create the conditions for participation in the competitive markets of Iran and the world.

    Among the most significant organizational values of the group, customer satisfaction is determined by identifying the expectations and observing the quality requirements of the products based on a comprehensive quality management system as well as having a reasonable price.
    borna Sanat Company, as the manufacturer of some automotive parts, sees the excellence of the organization in customer satisfaction. Therefore, in order to achieve this mission, the following policies are set aside for the company’s actions.:
    1. Establishment of a quality system in accordance with the standards of the world day and the establishment of customer-oriented systems in order to increase the quality and satisfy the demands of customers.
    2. Continuous improvement of all activities of the company to the extent of reaching zero waste in the production of all products and services.
    3- Increasing market share of products by increasing customer satisfaction.
    4. Promote and closely monitor the performance of suppliers as partners
    5. Recruiting and retaining committed and skilled human capital as the main company’s capital and implementing appropriate motivational and educational systems for the promotion of the scientific and personnel personnel.
    6. Adjusting the costs of the company along with maintaining high quality of products and services as a cadre of the organization to cut off the industry’s dependence and achieve self-sufficiency, the use of specialized forces and modern technology, and the utilization of modern machinery and equipment, which involves the production of products Quality and reassurance of continuity. This enabled the group to co-operate in the chain of suppliers and manufacturers of Iran Khodro and Saipa and other satellite companies, including Pars Khodro, Iran Parts Supplies, Amin Asayesh, Kerman Khodro, Burns and … Who is proud to be satisfied with the good performance of the obligations and the perfect production and timely delivery With the lowest price and the highest level of product quality

    Examples of the activities of this company are as follows:

    Also, given the fact that the company has permanent representatives in European and Asian industrial countries, in this regard, it has estimated the need for many domestic companies to supply foreign goods and technology transfer.

    In the end, we must say that the belief in this industrial group is based on the fact that production and sale are not the end of the work, but a beginning of trust.

    • 1- Designing and manufacturing of all kinds of steel, galvanized and fused wire
      2- Designing and manufacturing of various types of metal pallets
      3- Designing and manufacturing of various heating and cooling systems
      4- Designing and manufacturing the car wraps
      5- Designing and manufacturing of vehicle parts
      6- Design and construction of automobile and dental seat control unit
      7. Design and manufacture of electronic vehicle keys
      8. Designing and manufacturing of paradoxes of Slidex
      9. Design and construction of packaging machines
    • 10. Installation, repair, maintenance and automation of textile cutting of automotive companies, ultrasonic welding systems, sewing lines, foam manufacturing machines, pressing, assembling, transferring, bending and cutting sections of metal sections and manufacturing of car decoration systems and frame
      11. Design and manufacture of various industrial molds and machinery in order to improve quality and promote production
      12. Installation and commissioning of automobile assembly groups
    • 13. Consultant in the field of decorating and complementary services of Iran Khodro Company for 7 years
      14. Consultant of Iran Khodro Casting and Aluminum Company for 8 years
      15. Advice of Parsfanar Factory in Kaveh Industrial City for 5 years
      16. Consultant of Iran Khodro Motor Company
      17- Consultant of Urmia Tractor Plant
    • 18- Installation and commissioning, repair and maintenance, automation of textile cutting of automobile manufacturing companies and production of car decoration and trim systems
      19. Casting automation of Iran Khodro Co.
      20. Design, construction, installation and repair of all types of testing and laboratory machines
      21-Design and programming of psy-screen screens, LED displays of various types of urban television
      22 – Sales, installation and commissioning, repair and maintenance of all types of machines and equipment for injection of LP and HP foam (Lupric and Hyperchir)
      23. Selling and installing various personal and automotive detectors and surveillance systems and CCTV cameras
  • We are officials and employees of Vision Corporation, believing that Allah Almighty is always and for all of us now and for all our purposes:

    • We respect the adherence to professional ethics, discipline, adornment of honesty and trust, timeliness and accountability, the prestige of our customers, which are in fact our real capital.
      We pray for their satisfaction, dignity, honor and respect, because we believe that customer satisfaction is not just a word, but an honest service to human duty.
      We will do our best to improve accuracy, speed and thus to raise the level of desirable qualities so that we can respond to the appropriate methods of responding to the customers’ expectations and attention, thus, in the positive, effective, effective and ultimately positive attitude. Advancement of customer-oriented goals